Tip Of The Iceberg

Masa muda tak banyak kira-kira.

Masa muda tak banyak kira-kira.

How well do we really know a person? How long does it take to really know? Do we need to know everything? The truth is, just like the other person, we tend to display only the good side of ourselves.

At times, just to make the right first impression, we make up ourselves to be what the other person is expecting. Career wise it works just fine. We know what we’re giving and what to expect in return. Money! We can always quit and switch jobs.

On the other hand, for a long term personal relationship, we shall need more time to really know a person. If only we just be ourselves, and everyone else be too, we won’t be taking so much time. What with trying to see through someone else’s masquerade and losing yourselves in your own? Since you’re not yourselves, the one that’s looking for you won’t recognized you!

Girls! How many men do you want as your husband?  Just one?  You looked like you’re searching for a thousand! Get what I mean?

It took me 16 years to see my wife as the person she really is and to discover the person that I really am. I am a problem for her now. I’ve turned out to be very rebellious and I’m done talking. Old dreams coming back.

Whatever you do, don’t lose yourselves to another person. Find someone that you have many things in common with. You’ll understand each other better and will accommodate each other honestly. You won’t be at each other expense! Very little or even no manipulation’s required.

Some called it sacrifice. Who asked you to? Anyway, how long do you think such sacrifices could last? I’ve seen at the most, 3 years. Some lasted like almost forever but when the going is good, then good bye shall be inevitable, and it’s not a friendly good bye.

Anyway you don’t want to spend your old age with that someone when his real self finally emerges. You’ll be stuck with him because he has nowhere else to go. He was so manipulated that he has no choice but to stay!

Don’t guess anything. Just ask what you want to know. Another thing is, the one that you perceived as the best for you is already taken. There’s someone out there that will take you just the way you are.

Girls! You don’t need to please everybody, just that one man and his mother.

Just be the nice person that you are. Finally, don’t confused lust as love.

Good luck!

Sampai Akhir Hayat

Sampai Akhir Hayat

For further read on the subject go to https://www.facebook.com/notes/putera-klasik/mencari-jodoh/548077128543128 Its in Malay Language. Sorry.



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