A Little About Grandpa

As the title implies.

I only remember Grandpa for his kindness and generosity. I often go to his office at Jalan Melaka in KL asking for some money to buy a book. I do that almost everyday. He would lament about it before giving me the money. Terima kasih Atok!

I would then go to a shop in Wisma Yakin at Jalan Melayu. The people there were so used to me that they let me browse for as long as I liked. It doesn’t take long for me to finished all available titles.

By the way I bought Enid Blyton’s books, translated to Malay. I started reading and buying Enid Blyton’s book in English when no more Malay version available. I read faster than the publisher could published.

Writing this has caused me to wonder. How did I get to Grandpa’s office anyway? I’ve no memory of anyone sending me or taking a bus.

We’ve already moved to Cheras Flats and I go to school in Jalan Pasar. I don’t think I walked all the way there from Jalan Pasar in Pudu.

By the way my Grandpa held a position or something in Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia then.

I heard he got a heart attack during one meeting and passed away, in 1978. Must have been one hell of a meeting it was!

I started staying with Grandma from that day onwards.

I am getting older

I am getting older


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