My Kampung Days

I used to stay in Kampung Kelang Gates until I was 8 years old. The village is situated 8 miles away from Kuala Lumpur. The village was surrounded by rubber estates then and not very far from the Klang Gate Dam.

We made regular trips to the dam, me and my cousins. We walked on the huge water pipeline to get there. It was awesome taking a dip right at the foot of the dam itself, well almost.

We dare not go too near because we just don’t know when they might open the sluice gate. We don’t want to be right below it when they do that.

Anyway, my grandma’s house is not very far from the National Zoo. We made frequent trips there also. Of course we get to go in for free. We used the other gate. Nobody stops us, so we figured there’s nothing wrong with that.

I remembered playing with a tiger cub named Putra. So cute and adorable. I believed Maybank sponsors the keeping of Putra and it became the mascot for Maybank. I wonder whether it’s still living. Maybe it’ll remember me should we meet again. Naw!!! I guess not. It was more than 40 years ago.

To get to my grandma’s house we’ve to passed by a huge mining area. Tin mines. It was practically a lake. They had a huge tin dredger right in the middle of the lake. It’s like a ship having a conveyered steel scoops at one end. The thing goes inside the water and out again. Round and round, coming up with piles after piles of dirt and soil.

That place now have become a town call Danau Kota. A big housing area with condos and flats and shopping centres.

We moved to Cheras in 1973. Going to Grandma’s house then was Balik Kampung.


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