Kenangan Mengusik Jiwa

I’ve many talents. Singing is one of them. Wow! I played the guitar. Not that good though. I’d like to learned it one day.

I wrote quite a number of songs. More than a hundred I think. None published. I don’t know how the system works. Sent some of my songs to a number of people. They yet to get back to me. Maybe the songs just not with the time. Indie songs is the in thing nowadays. What can I say. I’ve posted some of the lyrics though in my blogs and facebooks.

It seems like my voice is getting better and better. My kids think so too. I can reach certain pitches now. It was not possible when I was younger. Odd don’t you think? I got better with age?

Just like so many other things, here, age is a hindrance. I guess maybe it’s because the market is small.

I just wonder and will forever wonder, why really? At least say so to my face.

Well life must go on. If it’s mine it’s mine, if it’s fated so. More on this shall I write.


I accompanied my uncle, my auntie’s husband, once. He got a part in a musical. He sang one song. He’s a singer from the sixties. The show runs for 10 days.

It was a wonderfull experience. I get to see what’s happening backstage.




Very memorable for me. Ahem..yes really. Just from afar though. I know where I stood. I’m already that old you know and already married with 4 kids. How could I? That was 2 years ago comes June.



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