Dimana Kita?

The Islamic world accounts for;

22% of the world population
70% of the world’s energy resources
40% of the world’s natural resources

However, it is to be noted that;

The contribution of OIC countries towards world income is only 8%.

39% of the Islamic countries population live below the poverty level.

22 of the 50 least developed countries in the world are OIC member States

The Research and Development manpower of Muslim countries is only 1.2% of the total science and technology manpower, noting that the IOC accounts for 22% of the world population

Only two scientist from the Islamic states have won Nobel Prizes, namely Abdus Salam, a Pakistani (Physics, 1979) and Ahmed Zewail, an Egyptian ( Chemistry, 1999). Both carried out their research outside Islamic countries.

Islamic countries have approximately 450 researchers per million population compared to 2,200-4,500 per million in the developed countries.

Whereas Japan, the United States, Germany and other Western countries spend 2%-4% of their gross domestic product (GDP) annually on research, no Muslim country spend more that 0.5% of its GDP on research.

Dipetik dari muka surat 33.

Kitakah Khalifah yang memakmurkan bumi Allah ini? Bertelagah tak sudah!

(c) IAIS Malaysia, 2012

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