I Was An Employee Once

I finished school in 1981. Completed my form 5 at SM Tinggi Kuala Lumpur. Sad to say that I didn’t get good results for SPM. I merely managed to get a certificate called SAP 2.

I did sat for the SPM again in 1982, but I failed even worse than before. My focus wasn’t into lessons at all at that time. The family was in a bit of a turmoil then. Well that’s another story.

I became a soldier of fortune during my youth. Looking for god knows what? I had no directions at all.

I’ve tried various work. Nothing managed to last long because I was not happy at all with what I was doing. Everthing was on a trial basis.

I managed to get a job as a despatch rider in 1990. I did well I think with that company. I was a customer service executive in early 1995. The boss put me up to that so called post because I managed to handled a very, very angry customer once.

She (the customer) was so angry and was cursing and swearing to all the staff that the company assigned to confront her.

Everyone gave up and decided that the boss should handled it himself. The boss passed the phone to me instead and asked me to talk to her.(I was doing data entry at that time in his office)

Somehow I managed to talk to her. Cooled her down and get down to trace the problems. The problems was solved in 2 hours.

The boss was grinning ear to ear with the outcome. Apparently the whole admin staff were all ears by the door during that event! Everyone cheered!

I became close with the admin people after that experience. I was no longer just another despatch boy. I became one of them after that day. They discussed things with me, I was wanted at every meeting.

I became the company superman since then. Too much was shoved on my lap though.

The boss couldn’t fulfilled so many promises to the employees that I’ve made on behalf of the company. The boss agreed with the employees requests and demands, which I then conveyed to them. Everyone was happy. I was a hero for a while. That is, before the boss changed his mind!

The disgusted employees blamed me for so many things afterwards. I resigned end of 1995.

Next: I was jobless and I got married in 1996.


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