Revised Offer


I received this today. It’s a breath of fresh air for me. Study Cost could be lowered quite a bit. It means there’re more available to cover for the cost of living down under.


Thank you for your email.  You seem to write pretty well, and we wonder if you would require 46 weeks of English program.

We suggest that you register yourself to take an IELTS test now in order to find out your level, and at the same time check the entry requirement to the Degree course you are interested in.

When you have answers to both of the above, submit to us and we will be able to assess and advise you the length of the English program you may require, and then issue you with a revised offer letter indicating the payment methods.

We are not able to provide you with much information about seeking for jobs.  You will be able to find out more when you are here as there are local papers covering the suburbs you live in. They provide news and advertisements pertaining to businesses, activities, organisations etc of the local areas.

Excursions are included in our programs.  Where transport is provided (bus) it’s free, but where entrance fee required, students may need to pay.

We do not charge for graduation ceremony.  There are weekend trips which you need to pay, but optional.  You do not need to be in it if you do not want to.

We will wait to hear from you to issue a revised offer.

Best Regards

Admissions Officer


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